October 2005

DOCX vs. DOC or: Proprietary XML Formats vs. Proprietary Binary Formats

In the comments to my last post, Charles asked why a proprietary XML format was better than a proprietary binary format. Well, my point wasn't that it is. But: I believe, the XML based Office 12 formats are better than the old DOC/XLS/PPT formats. Even if they are still proprietary. Here is why.



About the Uselessness of OpenDocument

OpenDocument is a waste of time and money. At least if you believe Dave Winer. Unfortunately, Dave got the facts wrong. More

What's up with hard drives these days?

A little bit more than a year ago, my hard drive died. It was a rather unpleasant affair, I lost a lot of important data. I bought a new drive, set up the computer again, and went on with life. Five days ago, this drive died as well. More