September 2004

Bad UI design kills

Via Joel's forum: Apparently, a company did not label the entry fields in it's drug pump product resulting in death's and injuries. More

It's been 8 fucking years

Today, after 8 years, Social Distortion released their new record Sex, Love and Rock 'n Roll. More

Bloglines vs. JAggregator 1:0

Almost three years ago I started the development of JAggregator. Today, I decided to stop development. More

Then you'll be cool too

Daddy, why don't you put on your sun glasses? More

Avoid InstallAnywhere At All Cost

On paper, InstallAnywhere looks like the perfect solution for all your installation needs; but if you look closer, it's full of bugs -- from small and subtle to downright embarrassing. More

A Couple Of Desktop Java Links

A Couple Of Desktop Java Links More

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me. More

Holiday Horrorstories. This Time: Rome, Italy.

Holiday. Rome, Italy. Pick-pockets. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? More

Back From The Death

I'm back. After a hard disk crash, I had to rebuild the entire site. More