Creating Professionally Looking .NET Applications

The world is turning upside down. People in the Joel on Software forum ask for professionally looking look and feels for .NET applications -- comparable to Java look and feel implementations:

I have started developing a windows application in C# using the express c# visual studio ide. It is a simple application, similar to many chat clients. While I can do all the logic and lay out components on the GUI, I'm horrified at how ugly it looks! I've done a small number of GUIs in Java as well, but there are some very nice L&Fs for Java which turn an average GUI into something nice ...

So what is it with us Java developers?  We always whine about the lousy looking desktop applications; at the same time, .NET developers are jealous of our variety of look and feels.

Something is wrong in Javaland.

Thu, 06 Jan 2005, 23:49 | Java | PermaLink
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