The Wannabe Java Rockstar: Creating Professionally Looking .NET Applications

Creating Professionally Looking .NET Applications

The world is turning upside down. People in the Joel on Software forum ask for professionally looking look and feels for .NET applications -- comparable to Java look and feel implementations:

I have started developing a windows application in C# using the express c# visual studio ide. It is a simple application, similar to many chat clients. While I can do all the logic and lay out components on the GUI, I'm horrified at how ugly it looks! I've done a small number of GUIs in Java as well, but there are some very nice L&Fs for Java which turn an average GUI into something nice ...

So what is it with us Java developers?  We always whine about the lousy looking desktop applications; at the same time, .NET developers are jealous of our variety of look and feels.

Something is wrong in Javaland.

Thu, 06 Jan 2005, 23:49 | Java | PermaLink
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