Alternatives to Java Native Interface (JNI)

Inspired by the announcement of xFunction, I searched the web for libraries that ease the use of native code. As it turns out, it's quite a few.

Libraries for simplifying JNI

Java/COM integration

Of these toolkits, J-Integra and j-Interop stand out. They integrate Java with COM in pure Java. By talking to COM components over TCP/IP, J-Integra and j-Interop even work on non-Microsoft plattforms.

Special interest

There are various libraries available that provide access to specific functionality on Windows. Many of those could be replaced by the likes of JNIWrapper. Nevertheless, I included them for completeness.

Nota bene: I think it's pretty obvious that the Java community lacks creativity when it comes to product names. We really should stop naming our products "JSomething" or "Something4j".

Update(29.01.06): Included NativeCall and OLEJA.

Update(16.09.06): Included ComfyJ and j-Interop.

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