Kitikat: Why Should I Use It?

I found the Kitikat framework via Erik's linkblog. "Funny name, let's check It out" I thought. The problem is: I studied the whole web site and I still don't know what this thing is about. It states

The Kitikat Java Framework is a powerful but simple Datastore processing framework.

A Datastore represents an in-memory copy of data. A program may retrieve the data from a data source, such as a relational database, manipulate the data and then propagate the updates of the data back to the original data source or to a different data source. Once the data is retrieved, it is a disconnected, data source independent version of the data. A change history of the data is maintained to provide dynamic updates to a data source and there are several levels of concurrency control provided for multi-user environments.

It goes on with a list of features, supported application servers and a quick start guide.

The most important thing this web sites lacks is the answers to questions such as

I'm pretty sure the developers of Kitikat know the answers. They must have thought of typical use cases and applications. It's a shame that the web site doesn't communicate it.

I don't want to pick specifically on the Kitikat guys. It's just that I read the blurb on the front page, scanned the documentation and went "Huh?". I'd really like to know what I could do with it.

Wed, 10 Aug 2005, 21:25 | Java | PermaLink
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