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Fighting Referer Spam. Round 2.

I'm at a point where my referer logs simply become useless. OK, I can't prevent referer spam from hitting my site. But I can filter the log file later. Derefspam does exactly that. More

Fighting Referer Spam

I found a nice resource about how to fight referer spam using a .htaccess file. More

Another Happy CityDesk Blogger

Eric Armstrong is pleased with CityDesk. More

That Went Well

I moved to a different hoster. It was a surprisingly painless process. More

What Makes Link Blogs So Successful

Do you wonder why link blogs, such as Erik's or Scott's, are so successful? Conventional wisdom says, you'll get readers if you have good content. Scoble has a different theory: link blogs are successful because they want people to go somewhere else. More

Back From The Death

I'm back. After a hard disk crash, I had to rebuild the entire site. More

Ping and Co with Python

I hacked a small Python scripted that pings and Co. More

The endless Blogger vs. Journalists debate

It seems Dave Winer had to realize first hand that bloggers aren't Journalists. More

Yet Another Weblog aka First Post

Ok, all the cool kids in town blog so I decided to me-too. Why do I think I need a weblog? He're a couple of reasons. More