Yet Another Weblog aka First Post

Ok, all the cool kids in town blog so I decided to me-too. Why do I think I need a weblog? He're a couple of reasons.

These might not be particular original reasons but that's how I feel about blogging right now. As I become more experienced and proficient, things may change.

Technology-wise, I'll cover mostly Java. I do client-side Java programming for a living, mostly with Swing. I have a pretty good knowledge of various XML technologies ranging from XML Schema via Castor to Jakarta's commons-digester. I plan to cover a lot of the experiences that I made with these technologies in this weblog.

When I'm not working, hacking on JAggregator or wasting time reading news, I read a book (sometimes), watch TV (too often), listen to music (always) and spend time with my wife and daughters (not often enough).

This weblog runs on a shared Linux server at, one of Germany's bigger ISPs. I maintain the blog using FogCreek's CityDesk Desktop Content Management System. While not cheap, CityDesk is a pretty useful system for maintaining a website, especially a multi-language one. I heartly recommend it. At the moment, comments are gratiously provided by Enetation for free. I'll replace them with a local script in the future.

Tue, 25 May 2004, 14:57 | Blogging | PermaLink
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