August 2005

History Repeating

It's said that history doesn't repeat itself. Back in 1997 I went to a show that I consider to be the best rock show I've ever been to: Social Distortion played Berlin's SO36 supported by the then young and unknown Backyard Babies. Unfortunately, Social D don't come over to Europe really often, so that show has been the first and last time I've seen them live.

This will change!


Kitikat: Why Should I Use It?

I found the Kitikat framework via Erik's linkblog. "Funny name, let's check It out" I thought. The problem is: I studied the whole web site and I still don't know what this thing is about. More

Green Day Takes Early Records From Lookout Records

Wow, this is big news in punk rock land: Green Day pull their early two records from Lookout Records. In response, the label lays off 6 of it's nine employees. Lookout used to be a huge independent label and was responsible for the pop punk explosion in the mid-Nineties. More

The History of Ant

Conor gives a fascinating summary of the development of Ant. I found the bits about Ant2 particularly interesting. More