February 2005

Don't Buy A Creative Zen Touch MP3 Player ...

... or any other big MP3 player for that matter. It keeps you from doing anything useful. For two weeks I've been spending my spare time ripping CDs. I didn't read news, didn't watch TV, didn't blog. I didn't ego surf or checked referers. It's that bad.

All joking aside, the Creative Zen Touch is a great unit. More

Fighting Referer Spam. Round 2.

I'm at a point where my referer logs simply become useless. OK, I can't prevent referer spam from hitting my site. But I can filter the log file later. Derefspam does exactly that. More

The ONElist File -- The Story Of Yahoo Groups

Mark Fletcher of Bloglines fame also was the founder of ONElist. The ONElist file chronicles the story of ONElist from inception to the point where Yahoo bought them. It makes for an interesting read, even if it's still work in progress. More

The French Cafe Technique -- Or How Samba Was Written

Via a post on Groklaw, I found an fascinating article about how Samba was written. The Samba guys don't call it reverse engineering. They like to compare it to a French Cafe. More

Resources for Automatic Updates of Java Applications

On my quest for tools that help with automatic updates of Java applications I found a couple of articles, tools and libraries. More

Fighting Referer Spam

I found a nice resource about how to fight referer spam using a .htaccess file. More

How Do You Deliver Updates To Users?

My question to the lazy web: are there any best practices, techniques or tools available that help with updating applications at the customers site? More