Don't Buy A Creative Zen Touch MP3 Player ...

... or any other harddisk-based MP3 player for that matter. It keeps you from doing anything useful. For two weeks I've been spending my spare time ripping CDs. I didn't read news, didn't watch TV, didn't blog. I didn't waste time ego surfing or checking referers. It's that bad.

All joking aside, the Creative Zen Touch is a great unit. It looks good, sounds good and is easy to use. As with every portable audio player the enclosed headphones aren't much good. I own a pair of AKG's K26P which are much better. Together with the Zen Touch they make a killer combination.

What's not to like: the accompanying  windows software is awful. Not only is it ugly, it's also hard to use . Without consulting the help file you don't have a chance. The MP3 encoder is a joke. On top of that, the autosync component crashes sometimes. It's not that the software is completely unusable, it's just no joy to use. I think about getting Notmad. I'm not interested in the MP3 encoder as I've been completely satisfied with Audiograbber.

The big question is: Why didn't I get an iPod? First, I don't want to be part of a movement. You know, as a punk by heart I like to do things differently. Second, I don't want to pay Apple's premium prices. The 20GB Zen Touch simply is cheaper. Third, I've neither used iTunes nor the iTunes Music Store. In fact, I don't care for music downloads. I'm one of those old fashioned I-need-the-real-thing-guys. CDs are sort of a compromise.

So anyway, I like the Zen Touch and recommend it. But don't listen only to me. Frank, the GadgetGuy, has a nice series of articles about the Creative Zen Micro. Don't forget to read the last article where he explains why he returned the Micro and bought an iPod.

Mon, 28 Feb 2005, 23:40 | Music, Technology | PermaLink
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