Next Meme: Obscure Yet Indispensible Windows Applications

This deserves to become a meme: as Cedric, everybody should post a list of obscure but useful Windows applications. Here's a collection of lesser known applications that I depend on:


Being raised on Unix, I depend on virtual desktops. Stardock's ControlCenter is a virtual desktop manager for Windows. I tried a lot of them and ControlCenter is the best. Besides virtual desktop, it provides resource monitoring, start menu integration and program launching. My only gripe: you can't change desktops via keyboard shortcuts. Homepage


IrCOMM2k is a driver for Windows 2000 and XP. It emulates a serial port which can be used to exchange data with mobile devices. It's the only way to hotsync my Palm via the infrared port. Homepage


Do you need to access different networks? Did you've ever have to change your network settings every time you sit down at a client's site or fumble with your IP address configuration every time you plug into your home network? If so, NetSwitcher is the tool for you. It is not the most beautiful application, but really useful. Homepage

I'd like to get to know your favorite -- but relatively unknown -- applications. Leave a comment or post on your blog and tell me.

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