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I'm an avid music lover. Posts related to my favorite bands, magazines etc. are in this category.

History Repeating

It's said that history doesn't repeat itself. Back in 1997 I went to a show that I consider to be the best rock show I've ever been to: Social Distortion played Berlin's SO36 supported by the then young and unknown Backyard Babies. Unfortunately, Social D don't come over to Europe really often, so that show has been the first and last time I've seen them live.

This will change!


Green Day Takes Early Records From Lookout Records

Wow, this is big news in punk rock land: Green Day pull their early two records from Lookout Records. In response, the label lays off 6 of it's nine employees. Lookout used to be a huge independent label and was responsible for the pop punk explosion in the mid-Nineties. More

Don't Buy A Creative Zen Touch MP3 Player ...

... or any other big MP3 player for that matter. It keeps you from doing anything useful. For two weeks I've been spending my spare time ripping CDs. I didn't read news, didn't watch TV, didn't blog. I didn't ego surf or checked referers. It's that bad.

All joking aside, the Creative Zen Touch is a great unit. More

Johnny Ramones' Statue Unveiled

I love the RAMONES. Johnny always was the coolest. But, honestly, this statue is ugly. And it shows that someone has bad taste. More


Gabba Gabby Hey. More

The Playlist Meme

Open up the music player on your computer, set it to play your entire music collection, hit the "shuffle" command, tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians). More

It's been 8 fucking years

Today, after 8 years, Social Distortion released their new record Sex, Love and Rock 'n Roll. More

Losing Control - The Epoxies live in Berlin

I just returned from the Wild At Heart, where Portland's Epoxies played an energetic show. The Epoxies play catchy, new-wavy punk. Think of Kim Wilde on speed. More

Böhse Onkelz hören auf

Deutschlands wütendste Millionäre - die Böhsen Onkelz - machen Schluß. Das Beeindruckende: der eigene Pathos. Das Unangenehme: ihre Einfallslosigkeit. More