Dezember 2004

Dandy and Communist

Hey, that's a concept I like. More

No, Not Again

A while ago, I posted a hate blog about Adobe Reader 6. Today -- I suspect in order to snafu my Christmas holiday -- Adobe released Adobe Reader 7. More

And Now To Something Stupid

Ahh, memes. I love them. Especially the ones about intelligence. More

Exception When Writing To A Full Disk? Not In Java!

If you've ever hoped to get an exception when writing to a full disk in Java then get ready to be disappointed. More

Rockstars vs. Unit Tests

In the Joel on Software forum, there has been a huge discussion going on about unit tests and Rockstars. As The Wannabe Java Rockstar, I have my opinions, too. More


Gabba Gabby Hey. More

The Playlist Meme

Open up the music player on your computer, set it to play your entire music collection, hit the "shuffle" command, tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians). More

That Went Well

I moved to a different hoster. It was a surprisingly painless process. More


Fartleking anyone? More

Firefox Newspaper Ad Runs in Germany

To me, it was money well spent: Yesterday, an advertisement for Mozilla Firefox ran in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). Inspired by the effort to purchase an Firefox advertisement in the New York Times, 2403 German Firefox fans donated the money. More

Next Meme: Obscure Yet Indispensible Windows Applications

This deserves to become a meme: Cedric posted a list of obscure but useful Windows applications. Here's a collection of lesser known applications that I depend on. More