January 2005

Politics-Oriented Software Development

On Kuro5hin: A brief guide to software development in the real world: How to cover your ass in a sleazy office environment. More

Johnny Ramones' Statue Unveiled

I love the RAMONES. Johnny always was the coolest. But, honestly, this statue is ugly. And it shows that someone has bad taste. More

Ant and Due Diligence

Today, I received an email from Matt Besson, an Ant submitter. He asked for the right to include one of my code snippets in Ant's codebase. I agreed, of course. More

Another Happy CityDesk Blogger

Eric Armstrong is pleased with CityDesk. More

How to Sort Files and Directories

Via Technorati's new tag feature I found a quick and dirty algorithm for sorting files and directories. The author asked for improved versions. Here's mine. More

Company Names That Should Be Forbidden

I know I have a sick little mind. But still, one shouldn't call a company Snecma. More

Dealing With Information Overload In Emails

Dion asks for better handling of duplicate emails. I sympathize with him. But from a UI standpoint I have to object. More

Stellenangebot für einen Java-Entwickler in Berlin

Mein Arbeitgeber sucht einen erfahrenen Java-Entwickler. Die Aufgabe umfasst Softwaredesign und Entwicklung von Multi-Tier Applikationen auf Basis von J2EE. Hinzu kommen Wartung und Erweiterung bestehender Systeme. More

Gmail Invites

I have a couple of Gmail invites. Email me if you want one. More

Free Throwaway Email Addresses

Do you need a couple of email addresses to throw away? More

Creating Professionally Looking .NET Applications

What is it with us Java developers? We always whine about the lousy looking desktop applications; at the same time, .NET developers are jealous of our variety of look and feels. More

Review: 3rd Party Spell Checkers for Windows Applications

I had the need for a third-party spell checker that works with every Windows application. After a bit of research, I found a couple of products. Two of them, Spell Check Anywhere and Spell Catcher Plus, I put to test. More