June 2004

JNIWrapper - Java Desktop Integration Done Right

As an addendum to my articles about Java desktop integration, here's my recommendation to SUN. More

Can this possibly be efficient?

Is Rickards approach a solution or a problem? More


A couple of interesting links. More

The endless Blogger vs. Journalists debate

It seems Dave Winer had to realize first hand that bloggers aren't Journalists. More

InfoBus - An API for event-driven Swing programming

InfoBus is a powerful API for event-driven Swing programming. More

Better Desktop Java Wiki

I enhanced several categories in the new BetterDesktopJava-Wiki on java.net. More

Flying Saucer - Pure Java XHTML renderer

Joshua Marinacci did it again. After an extensive study covering almost every Java-based webbrowser available, he launched a new project: Flying saucer - a pure Java XHTML renderer. More

Der BDI und die Diktaturen

Der BDI tagte im Palast der Republik. Sie hätten es sich noch kuschliger machen können. More

Tray API for JDIC

Via Erik, via Charles: JDIC gets a tray icon api. More

Das ist nicht die c't, die ich kenne

Im Editor hilft eine aus Textverarbeitungen bekannte Rechtschreib- und Grammatikprüfung, syntaktisch und semantisch einwandfreien Code zu produzieren - noch bevor es ans Debuggen geht. Was ist nur mit der c't los? More

Re: JDIC criticism misses the big picture

Danno has a weblog where he publishes a lot of good articles about desktop Java. His latest post "JDIC criticism misses the big picture", unfortunately, misses the point. More

Gallespucken: Grünliberal wählen!

Michael Klarmann fragt sich zurecht, warum die SPD bei der gestrigen Europawahl abgestraft wurde, und ihr grüner Koalitionspartner nicht. More

Howto Deploy Firewall Settings in Windows XP SP2

Windows XP Service Pack 2 will include a new firewall. SP2 provides several interesting methods for configuring it. More

Named Parameters in Java

Robert likes named parameters. Here's my reply. More

Hannah sleeping

Hannah sleeping. More

Josephine, die Freestyle-Rapperin

Hoppe, hoppe Reiter / wir ham daran gedacht / und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind / dann gehen wir den Tisch decken. More

Losing Control - The Epoxies live in Berlin

I just returned from the Wild At Heart, where Portland's Epoxies played an energetic show. The Epoxies play catchy, new-wavy punk. Think of Kim Wilde on speed. More

Desktop Integration for Java Applications

SUN finally realized that in order to survive on the desktop, Java needs to integrate better with the underlying platform. Today, SUN released JDIC, the JDesktop Integration Components. More